Round Type


  1. This packaging machine is used in heating the transparent blister-shell which is made by vacuum forming machine, and blister-shell will be attached with exquisite-print cardboard.
  2. There are two kinds way of Heating: Instantaneous heating and direct heating.
  3. The worktable can be rotated by automatically, which means all the actions such as starting, rotating, sealing, and stopping will all be automatically; also the speed of packing can be set.
  4. This machine is provided with lasting efficiency and raises capacity over three times.
  5. The machine possesses general advantages of two models, the reciprocating and continuous.


  1. Suitable for all products which are packed with blister-shell, such as hardware, electronic products, stationery, foods, ornaments, toys and necessities, etc.

Catalogue download:

Model Heating Type NO. of Molds Mold Size Capacity Compressor Table Hight Machine Size(LxWxH)
BP-570 瞬熱式 Impulse Heating 4 380 x 600mm 2-4 sec. 4-6kg / cm2 650H mm 1300 x 1200 x1190mm
BP-570H 直熱式 Direct Heating 4 300 x400mm /380x600mm 2-4 sec. 4-6kg / cm2 650H mm 1300 x 1200 x1190mm