Auto In-feed Type


  1. This packaging machine is used in heating the transparent blister-shell which is made by vacuum forming machine, and blister-shell will be attached with exquisite-print cardboard.
  2. There are two kinds way of Heating: Instantaneous heating and direct heating.
  3. The continuous operation such as feeding, sealing, unloading, and position of sealing, which is all controlled by sensor.
  4. The conveyor which is designed with two sections control. It’s easy to change the templates, and also can be set restart time after stop.
  5. Continuously automatic unloading allows great packing capacity.
  6. The electronic brake motor is powerful in starting and accurate in stop positioning.
  7. The automatically cyclic operation of conveyer belt brings amazing mechanical work efficiency, reaches high production.


  1. Suitable for all products which are packed with blister-shell, such as hardware, electronic products, stationery, foods, ornaments, toys and necessities, etc.

Catalogue download:

Model Mold Size No. of Molds Machine Size(LxWxH) Heating Time Capactiy Power
BP-580A 400 x 500 mm 16 3000x950x1900mm 2-4 sec. 30-33 pcs / min 220V. 1Ø