AS Series


  1. This machine is designed with automatic conveyor. Put the package on packing area, and sealer frame will going down to automatically seal and pack.
  2. Sealer frame of machine is used by anti-sticks aluminum alloy seal knife which will not coking, smoking and make the environment be clear.
  3. Available to change the time and temperature of sealer frame which are decided by the thickness of film.
  4. Sealer frame is used by automatic press down. When machine is operating, package put on position, then push the “Auto button switch” and the sealer frame will go down by automatically then finish the pack.
  5. Available to adjust the height of sealer which is decided by dimension of package. To add two sensors device which could selected horizontal and vertical for package.
  6. Saving Electricity and resources. Just need one person to operate. Put the package on packing area, and sealer frame will go down by automatically seal and pack. It’s also saving more time from working.
  7. This machine is including automatically scraps recycling device which is controlled by independent motor. It won’t be too slack or too tie and make the film tear up. The scraps recycling device is easy to take of the wasting film.
  8. Easy operating and maintenance.


  1. Sealing machine could be used in many kinds of products such as Foods, Stationery, Electronics, Hardware tools, Daily Necessities...etc., which require shrinking and packing.
  2. Available film: LLDPE, PVC, OPP, PP and POF.

Catalogue download:

Model Sealer Size (LxW) Machine Size (LxWxH) Power Electric Heating Sealer Height Capacity Compressor
LH-500AS 500x450 mm 1500x850x1400 mm 220V. 1Ø 1.5KW 120 mm 20-25 pcs/min 4-6 kg/cm2
LH-800AS 800x600 mm 2400x1150x1400 mm 220V. 1Ø 2.5KW 120 mm 15-20 pcs/min 4-6 kg/cm2
LH-1000AS 1000x600 mm 2500x1150x1600 mm 220V. 1Ø 2.5KW 120 mm 10-15 pcs/min 4-6 kg/cm2