Auto / Extension- Type Sealing Packing Machine

1.Sealer frame of machine is used by anti-sticks aluminum alloy seal knife which will not coking, smoking and make the environment be clear.
2.Automatically in feeding, the length of package can be adjusted by automatically through with sensor and timer.
3.It’s so easy to adjust, when package is changed. The adjustment of Width of conveyor is used by quick position fix which can saving more time from change the mold and the form.
4.High versatility. It’s easy to adjust varied package which can achieve the utmost packing effect.
5.The temperature control system of sealer frame is excellent sensitivity and high accuracy. It’s can be easily adjusted for the best result of the sealing line.
6.The sealing scope which is expanded to suit for many kinds products.
7.This machine has the waiting function of package switch, which can reduce the conveying time and increase the packaging effect.
8.This machine is including automatically scraps recycling device which is controlled by independent motor. It won’t be too slack or too tie and make the film tear up. The scraps recycling device is easy to take of the wasting film.
9.Saving Electricity and resources. Just need one person to operate. Put the package on packing area, and sealer frame will go down by automatically seal and pack. It’s also can be formed a complete automatically production line set.
10.This machine is controlled by micro-computer, which is easy operating and maintenance.

Model Sealer Size (LxW) Machine Size(LxWxH) Power Electric Heating Sealer Height Capacity Compressor
LH-500AL ∞x450mm 3500x1170x1560mm 220V 3Φ 1 KW 210H mm 28 M/min 4-6kg / cm2
LH-500ALH 500mm 4000x1170x1560mm 220V 3Φ 1 KW 80H mm 45-60pcs/min 4-6kg / cm2
  1. Sealing machine could be used in many kinds of products such as Foods, Stationery, Electronics, Hardware tools, Daily Necessities...etc., which require shrinking and packing.
  2. Available film: LLDPE, PVC, OPP, PP and POF.