Foot Sealer (Impulse Type)

1.Sealing control is used by transient heating, which is quickly seal, beautiful, and saving electricity.
2.Sealing time and temperature can be changed which is decided by the thickness of film.
3.Saving Electricity and resources. Just need one person to operate.
4.Easy operating and maintenance.

Model Power Electric Heating Machine Size (LxWxH) Machine Weight Sealer Length Sealer Width
WS-30 110V/220V 450W 38*34*88cm 16KG 300mm 2.7mm /5mm
WS-45 110V/220V 600W 53*34*88cm 18KG 450mm 2.7mm /5mm
WS-60 110V/220V 800W 68*34*88cm 19.5KG 600mm 2.7mm /5mm
WS-75 110V/220V 1000W 83*34*88cm 21KG 750mm 2.7mm /5mm
  1. Sealing machine could be used in many kinds of products such as Foods, Stationery, Electronics, Hardware tools, Daily Necessities...etc., which require plastic to pack and seal.
  2. Available film: LLDPE, PVC, OPP, PP and POF.