Four Sides Sealing Machine

1.This machine is easy to be adjusted and operated with any different products. It’s all automatically; do not need any operator that can raise more the production ability.
2.This machine is Auto PE and PVC Film Packaging Machine which is designed for shrinking film packing which are any oversize products, complicated shape articles, counted collectively and cases (boxes).However the shape is which all can be packed.
3..This machine has including in auto conveyor, push-in device, sealing and shrinking.
4..According to shape and property of package, and the conveyor of machine will be straight line or 90° turning for in-feeding.
5.This machine is suitable for either independent use or to be utilized in automated production line.

Model Machine Size(LxWxH) Package Length Package Width Package Height Capacity Power Compressor
WS-8200 8500x2400x1800mm 400~2000 mm 600~1200 mm 50~ 200 mm 4-8 pack/min 220V. 3Ø 5~6KG/cm2
  1. Furniture, kitchen furniture, door plank, sanitary & bath facilities, incased goods, grinding wheel machine, drilling machine, boxed spun yarn, toy, food, small hand car assembly, beach chair, chair assembly, spring bed, bicycle, car parts, every kinds of electric furniture and so on. We can design & manufacture professionally, according to your any kind of products’ specifications.