Label Dispenser

1.Small size and lightweight which is moved and stored easily.
2.This machine is easy to be operated. Using friendly.
3.Roll the scrap up by automatically which not making any mass.
4.Peel the label off by automatically which do not be wrinkle-feel. It does be convenient and beautiful.
5.After takeoff one piece of labels, the machine will continue sending next piece of label immediately. High speed and capacity.
6.Rows of small labels can be peeled off at one time.

Model Power Label Length Label Width Roll Inside Diameter Roll External Diameter Label Out Speed Machine Weight Machine Size(LxWxH)
WS-2110 110V. 1Ø 8 mm~300 mm 6 mm~ 110 mm Mini. 25mm Max. 250mm 6~7 M / min 6 KG 370x280x280mm

Optional Accessories:

  1. Print Machine.
  2. Sensor for transparent Label. 


  1. Any of products which need labeling.

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