Auto Vacuum Forming Machine

1.PLC programming achieves very stable operations with, low breakdown rate, easy maintenance.
2.HMI control system which can store several items such as temperature of shape, setting time, sheets, and other parameter.
3.Cooling system has auto spray water device and cooling fan device for forming high quality products.
4.Auto spray water device is designed by reciprocate which can spray water uniform and cooling fan can cool down temperature.
5.Pulling film device is controlled by inverter duty motor. Length of feeding is very accurate and high-speed, which is also strong of pulling and stable of action.
6.Heating box is controlled by induction motor which can make the action be more stable and not vibrate. The using time of machine will be longer.
7.The auto control of machine is used by several sectors with microcomputer which is easy to adjust and high-speed warming and temperature averaged.
8.When power failure, heating box and top mold will return to original position by automatically that can be safer.
9.Any blister which is difficult to unload mold, there are three methods of unload mold: (1) Continuous blow air (2) Disconnected blow air (3) Mold vibrate and blow air

Model Film Width Shaping Area Shaping Depth Vacuum Pump Electrical Heat Machine Size (LxWxH)
VF-600A 600/500 mm 570x1000 mm 130D mm 2HP 26 KW 2950x2100x2775 mm
VF-600A2 600/500 mm 570x1000 mm x 2 130D mm 2HP 26 KW 2950x2600x2775 mm
VF-600HT2 600/500 mm 570x1000 mm 130D mm 1HP 40 KW 2950x2100x3090 mm
  1. Suitable to all products which can be made of plastic film and in heat shaping.
  2. Examples of finished products: plastic ceiling, wainscot, plastic-steel door plate, suitcase, brief artworks, gifts, advertising board, fruit try, food container, packing box of hardware tool and the transparent shell used for vacuum shell package, etc.
  3. Classifications of film: PVC, PET, PS, ABS, PP, PSP and OPS.