Hydraulic Cutting Machine

1.Operate by both hands, don’t continuous, make sure it be safety.
2.Cutting-off distance adjustable between 10mm-100mm to accommodate the cutting needs of simple layers or multi-layers.
3.Can be setting the quantity of cutting, easy operating and reduce the waste of material.
4.Trimming device could find the best cutting point very easily, which also could make the knife mold be longer long lifetime.
5.It’s very easy and quick to install or adjust the setting with height-and-low of knife mold.
6.Saving Electricity and resources. Just need one person to operate.
7.Easy operating and maintenance.

Model Working Area (LxW) Pressure Horse Power Electrical Heat Machine Weight Packing Size (LxWxH)
WS-550 450 x 1260 mm 25 tones 5HP 3.7KW 1560 kgs 1950 x 1000 x 1740 mm
  1. To cut for various molds of shoe -making, high class leathers, bags, hats, EVA foam, electronic materials, and plastic and rubber, etc.