Horizontal Packing Machine

1.This machine is easy to be adjusted and operated with any different products.
2.It can pack various sizes of solid articles, and also can be adjusted and changed into various packing sizes.
3.The package position and size are conveniently adjusted from the switch on control panel that will be easy adjustment and save more time.
4.High-Quality electric parts, long lasting, low failure rate.
5.Easy maintain and user friendly.
6.As requested, it can be connected with automatic printer and automatic inserting corner and etc.

Model Heating Type Sealer Size Machine Size Electrical Heating Capacity Compressor Request
WS-601 直熱式Direct Heating 400W mm 3700 L x 1300 W x 1900 Hmm 4KW 5-40 pack/min 5~6 kgs /cm2

  1. Sealing machine could be used in different kinds of products such as Foods, Stationery, Electronics, Hardware tools, Daily Necessities...etc.
  2. Available film: LLDPE, OPP and PP.
  3. Option with labeling system or printer system.

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