Pillow Type Packing Machine

1.This machine is easy to be adjusted and operated with any different products.
2.It can pack various sizes of solid articles, and also can be adjusted and changed into various packing sizes.
3.The package position and size are conveniently adjusted from the switch on control panel that will be easy adjustment and save more time.
4.The contacting surfaces of machine with packing articles are made with stainless steel for sanitary purpose.
5.High-Quality electric parts, long lasting, low failure rate.
6.Easy maintain and user friendly.
7.As requested, it can be connected with automatic printer and automatic inserting corner and etc.

Model Packing Length Packing Width Packing Height Capacity Longitudinal Heater Cross Heater Machine Size
WS-600 80~300 mm 10~100mm 10~60mm 30~200pcs/min 400W x 2 300W x 4 3400 x 800 x 1600 mm
WS-800 80~400 mm 10~180mm 10~100mm 30~200pcs/min 400W x 2 300W x 4 4200 x 900 x 1700mm

Optional Accessories:

  1. Date Printer (Mfg, Date, Expiry Date etc.)

  2. Three Sides Sealing Style Performance

  1. The machine is suitable for OPP, CPP, KOP, PET, Aluminum Foil & Back Laminated Paper etc.
  2. This machine is suitable for packing instant noodle, biscuit, ice cream, ice candy, chewing-gum, chocolate, handkerchief, napkin, dry battery cell, fruit parfait, bread, pine apple cake, general cake, of bar and various round, square, or rectangles which are profile solid products.

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